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Bonnybridge Fundraising Group

Putting the fun into Fundraising!

Parents at Bonnybridge Primary School have formed a fundraising group to raise money for the school. Chaired by parent Dawn Ford, the group aims to raise money by hosting fun events for pupils and parents. The group is friendly and informal. Once a term the group meets to share ideas over coffee and biscuits. New parents are always welcome and will be greeted with a smile. You do not need to know anyone on the group or have any special skills to come along. An interest improving children's school experience is what binds this group together. You do not need to come to every meeting or indeed any meeting. The group has an army of volunteers who happily help if and when they can by manning tuckshops and setting out chairs at events. To find out more you can contact the school or visit the group on Facebook.


£289.51 was raised from the Halloween Spooktacular towards the Outdoor classroom for the school. What a fabulous beginning; thank you everyone! 

We now have fundraising accounts with a name label sticker company (Stikins) and a name label stamp company (Stamptastic).   If you order via the link the BFG get double earnings on orders.


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