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Meet the Staff

Senior Leadership and Management Team (SLMT)

Ms Debbie Calderwood Headteacher

Mrs Donna Kilpatrick Depute Headteacher

Miss Carol Ann Macleod Principal Teacher


Teaching Team

Mrs Kimberley Cowie Nursery Teacher / P3L (Tuesday)

Miss Holly Keenan Primary 1K

Miss Rona Saunders Primary 1S

Mrs Louise Blair Primary 2L

Mr Mark Finlay Primary 2F

Miss Clare Williams Primary 3W

Miss Hannah Lawless Primary 3L

Miss Karen Taylor Primary 4T

Mr John Chalmers Primary 4C

Miss Joanne Arundel Primary 5A

Mrs Carrie White / Miss Macleod Primary 5W

Mrs Gillian McCallum Primary 6M

Mrs Hazel McPhail Primary 6K

Mr Hamza Ahmed Primary 7A

Miss Emma Stanners Primary 7S

Mrs Heather McGhie Teacher - ncct

Mrs Karen McLagan Teacher - ncct / PEF

Miss Emma Gillon Teacher - PEF

Mr J Baxter / Mr S Gardner / Miss M Kay / Miss J Smith PE Teachers

Miss Lesley Caldwell Music Teacher


Additional Support for Learning Team

Mrs Kerry Kinghorn Support for Learning Teacher

Mrs Anne Kelly Support for Learning Assistant

Mrs Jackie Kelly Support for Learning Assistant

Mrs Heather Shedden Support for Learning Assistant

Mrs Margo McGregor Support for Learning Assistant

Mrs Tracy Duckfield Support for Learning Assistant

Mrs Allison Kerr Support for Learning Assistant

Mrs Gail Bowman Support for Learning Assistant (Nursery)


School Support Team

Mrs Yvonne McIntyre Senior Clerical Assistant

Mr David Mangan Janitor


Early Years Campus Team

Mrs Chelsey Johnston Principal Early Years Officer

Mrs Julie Murray Clerical


3-5's room

Mrs Shirley Dodds Senior Early Years Officer

Mrs Saryia Riaz Early Years Officer

Mrs Julie Knight Early Years Officer

Mrs Lynn Przybylinski Early Years Officer

Miss Leona Campbell Early Years Office

Miss Danielle Cumming Early Years Officer

Miss Lauren Fleming Early Years Officer

Mrs Anna Wayne Willis Early Years Officer


2's room

Mrs Claire Anderson Senior Early Years Officer

Mrs Jacqui Johnson Early Years Officer

Ms Nicola Deans Early Years Officer

Mrs Vicky Fairservice Early Years Officer

Mrs Fiona Morris Early Years Officer


Baby room

Mrs Debbie Brown Senior Early Years Officer

Miss Jenn Govan Early Years Officer